While this isn’t necessarily a DIY topic, it’s still one of those annoying homeowner things.

The first floor of my house gets incredibly dry. We’re talking a low of 6% according to my thermostat at times. Personally, I have a hard time believing the accuracy of that. I feel like at 6% I’d have a hard time breathing.

I’ve tried just about everything. The wick-based ones get gross pretty quick and don’t seem to help. The ultrasonic ones seem to perform the best until they break. I recently bought a reasonably expensive ultrasonic rated for 800 square feet (greater than the size of the room it’s in) and while the construction is way better than the Amazon alternatives, it actually performs a little worse.

To me the worst part is that if you Google around, the only resources you’ll find on these things is obvious copy/paste blogspam websites. It’s one of those things where I’d be more than happy to spend the money, if only I could find good, objective reviews from trustworthy people.

I’ll continue my hunt, one day I’ll find the secret to air moisture.